.............. How can I tell if someone is a high potential?

Motivate, engage and retain ......


Unlocking the potential of people and organizations requires a deeper understanding of individuals and groups. Due to time pressure and the concern that it will require significant effort, often means that tapping into human potential remains a low priority.

Relationships matter!

Understanding and managing relations between people is critical to individual and organizational success. Overcoming obstacles and meeting goals depends on relationships.

The need to have the right people, in the right place, at the right time is universal. The ability to consistently accomplish this is not universal!

We focus on measurements that provide human capital insights to meet the needs of organizations throughout the talent management lifecycle - selection, development, engagement, succession, and transition.

To enable the human capital strategy of organizations we provide insight to help answer questions such as:

• How do the people in our organization relate to each other?
• Is this individual resilient?
• Is this candidate suitable for a particular position?
• What should be examined at a deeper level during a selection or promotion interview?
• Is this individual capable to perform this type of work?
• Can these individuals or teams cope with changing role requirements?
• What is an appropriate career path for an individual?
• Which course or training is best for these individuals and teams?
• If necessary, how do I get someone back on track and reenergized?
• How will our employees react to the upcoming reorganization or merger?
• What is the overall human capital picture for our organization?

The Profilizer Method is based on over 25 years of supporting key organizations in business & industry, government and the not-for-profit sectors. Profilizer provides the insights that are necessary to capitalize on talent within organizations, and to prevent mismatches, reduce stress and promote enthusiasm among employees. The goal is to contribute to increasing business returns by understanding people's talents. The results of the method provide valid and reliable insights for talent management and the HR process cycle.