Understand people through better insights.

Overview of Solutions

Enhancing performance from the individual to the total organization. At L&D Support we have designed our innovative solutions to meet the needs of organizations throughout the talent management lifecycle from the individual to executive management. At the core are individuals. From the core we focus on relationships and expand out to the total organization.

To keep it simple we have mapped our solutions to talent management and human capital process cycles as follows:


In general:
• What is the anticipated resilience of this person?

• If the candidate is suitable fit for a particular function?
• What should be examined on a deeper level in a selection interview?

Development & coaching:
• Can this candidate cope with changing role requirements?
• What should be be discussed further at a deeper level in a promotion interview?
• What course or training is best for this candidate?
• If necessary, how can I get someone back on track?

Career transition:
• What are the keys to break an existing work patterns?
• What can be offered as a new perspective on work for this candidate?
• What is an appropriate career path for an individual or employee?
• If necessary, how can I get someone back on track?

Moving From the Individual to Relations and Groups

• What is the expected relationship fit with a new employee (or applicant) and his/her immediate supervisor?
• How do the people on our team and/or organization relate to each other?
• What steps should be taken during the onboarding process to ensure the cooperation between two people?

• Can this team handle changing role demands?
• What development or training is best for a group of people as a team?
• How will our staff respond to the upcoming reorganization or merger?

Strategic HR:
• How can HR provide more valuable input into the startegy discussion?
• How can we track human potential more closely to the organizations goals?
• How can we gain more credible and objective information for decision makers?

• What is the status of the human capital within the organization?
• Can we achieve our strategies with the current people in the organization?
• How well aligned is our people strategy to organizational goals?

More Information

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