To be successful it is essential to properly assess the value of human capital, truly understand the combined talents of small groups for compatibility and identify development needs. Whether it is a group of people in the same role in a development program or a project team of diverse individuals a basic understanding of the group competencies is a critical.

The Development Matrix provides a valuable graphic summary of the group's strengths and weaknesses. Based on the most important group talents from a behavior perspective the matrix is a visual representation of the current state. The group "picture" simplifies the analysis of individual strengths, development needs, intervention points and group patterns.

The matrix can be used to align the development of human capital in an organization to the requirements of groups (department, peer group, project, etc.) or to a specific function. The matrix represents a specific view within the Profilizer Method Development plans and can be used, for example, to measure and track the quality of new hires by objectively measuring the progress of the group periodically.

When paired with a skills matrix, a clear and powerful development roadmap can be created.