Upper management is acutely in need of a concise view of the talents within the organization as a whole or within large sections such as divisions, operating units, locations and so forth. To meet this need L&D Support developed a unique solution, the Witte Coastline Model.

Essentially a human capital balance sheet, the Coastline Model provides a unique picture of an organization. Similar to a balance sheet the Coastline Model is analyzed in various ways to determine how the organization's most valuable resource reflects its stated goals and strategies.

The model provides answers to questions such as:

  • Can the vision and goals of the organization be met with existing staff?
  • What should the focus of organizational development be?
  • If we merge two organizations how will they fit from a people point of view?

The insights from the Coastline Model make it possible for decision makers to formulate strategies and plans. The Model is a unique representation of the value of human capital in an organization. The areas of strengths, development and intervention of the measured group are clearly presented in graphically. It provides a valuable tool to assist in linking the vision of the organization to human potential.

The model can be used to relate the human capital to the goals of the organization (department, division, project, function). In addition, broad development programs and organizational structures can be designed. This model is the highest level of aggregation in the Profilizer Method. The model provides specific insights focused on decision-making (top) management level which usually lacks such concrete 'soft skills' insights!

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