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Relationships are critical to success! Understanding and being successful in your relationships is complex. The necessary insight into your relationships is revealed in the Relationship Model!

Collaboration between people is one of the most important elements of both individual and organizational success. Being able to interact in positive and productive ways greatly enhances outcomes. As we all realize, human interaction and relationships are complex and varied.

Mere cooperation can often be difficult to attain. Establishing a positive relationship requires awareness and an understanding of the behavior preferences of others. Many people are not equipped with such an understanding and find it challenging to become sufficiently aware to create more successful and enriched relationships.

The Relationship Model provides a solution!

Based on responses to the Profilizer measurement insights to an individual's general relationships can be generated. When others in a person's sphere of influence also complete the measurement individualized and focused reports can be generated that provide unique insights into the relationship strengths and challenges between them. For groups reports can be generated that reveal the relationships between each of the individuals. What is done with the information and whether the recommendations are followed still depends on the individuals.