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Finding the right candidate, at the right time, for the right position is a challenge no matter the economic condition. When unemployment is high, the large number of candidates can make it difficult to discern who is the best fit. When unemployment is low, the cost of a hiring error is compounded. Moreover, candidates with the right skills seem to always be in short supply or at the wrong geographic location.

The Profilizer measurement gives you more information than merely what is provided on a candidate's resume/CV and allows you to prepare more insightful interview questions.

The selection report presents information about the candidate's resilience and work behaviors. A selection report is always connected to a job/function and thus it provides job-specific results. All the report information is intended to be used in preparing for more insightful and valuable interviews with candidates. Using the Profilizer Method in the interview process of all candidates for a job enables one to compare candidates more consistently and objectively, reducing the impact of interviewer bias.

In addition, there is a report prepared just for the candidate with information about his/her competencies and work preferences.