Its about people, their capabilities and possibilities.

Why use measurements or assessments?

Measurements are powerful tools to use throughout the talent management lifecycle - selection, development, engagement, succession, and transition. Measurements from L&D Support provide objective information upon which one can base a number of key people decisions. Our methods are superior to other, more of traditional forms of evaluation because our methods ensure that candidates and employees are treated fairly and evaluated based on common measures.

The use of measurements can lead to substantial gains or mitigate losses in organizations. For example, measurements can:

• Enhance decisions related to selection, promotion, and succession
• Reduce employee turnover
• Aid in motivation
• Focus on individuals, creating sharper and more personalized training
• Increase productivity
• Increase employee engagement and satisfaction
• Enhance and broaden managements view of people and group performance

Why does behavior matter?

Hiring and promotion failures simply come down to a failure of the organization and/or the person to determine the fit. Most agree that future performance can be predicted based on whether the person can do the job, whether the person will like the job, and the obstacles that will get in the way. Thus, measurement of personality and behavior is an accurate, objective and fair way to predict future performance.

Obviously, individuals should be able to perform a job, but true success depends on more than having the right set of education, skills, and experience. Personality describes how an individual works and we believe it is critically important to how colleagues relate to each other. Beyond doing the job liking a job leads to more successful outcomes, greater self-confidence, and a sense of fulfillment.

Why L&D Support?

Our focus is always on people, concentrating on the possibilities of today and for the future. We are continually seeking ways to provide insights to help individuals and organizations reach their potential. We firmly that believe when people are engaged in activities that suit or fit them best, they are more content, self-confident, less prone to illness, and more productive. Indeed, when organizations are a collective unit of individuals who are well suited for their positions remarkable results can be achieved.

Established in the Netherlands in 1990 as an innovative organizational consultancy firm, Learning & Developing Support BV (L&D Support) specializes in diagnostic instruments and human capital consultation. We supply solutions that fit individuals, students, businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies. Our services are available in multiple languages across Europe, North America and the Caribbean.

We continue to innovate constantly seeking new answers to both old and new issues facing organizations and people. Our measurement is valid and reliable. It is continually being evaluated and monitored to ensure a consistent quality offering to our customers.

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